Find Overview

Every file in FrameReady has a Find feature built into it which allows you to search for records with a common element.

  • Performing a find can be as broadly or as narrowly defined as you need, e.g. find all wood moulding, or find all wood moulding that is two inches wide with the word oak in the Description field.

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How to Find Records in FrameReady

  1. Click the Find button at the top of almost every FrameReady screen.

    The "Enter Search Criteria" screen, specific to the file you are in, appears.

  2. Click into any field and type in your search keywords, terms, etc.

  3. For example:

    • To find all customers who made a purchase last month, enter the date range in the Date of Last Purchase field, e.g.   2010...2012  .

    • If you only want those with an email address, add the asterisk  *  to the Email field.

    • The more items you enter into your search, the narrower your search will be.

      For example, you may find 500 moulding items which begin with 11 but only one or two that begin with 11-12.

  4. Click the Perform Find button.

    If only one item met the search criteria, then that item appears in Form View.

    If more than one item meets the criteria, then the List View appears.

How to Perform Custom Finds

More Custom Finds


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