Add a Hand-Wrapped Liner

How to Enter a Hand-Wrapped Liner on a Work Order

  1. On the Work Order, click the Stacked Frames icon button.

  2. The Layered Frames window appears.

  3. Enter raw liner in the Frame1 field, using the exact number + suffix (or use the Search button).

  4. Enter the outside frame into the Frame2 field.

  5. Click the Done button.

  6. In the Mout/Stretch field, choose your mounting option, for example, heat press, roll-on and taping, spray, etc.

TIp: If you use different mounting options for adhering the fabric to the substrate, then you will want to have them listed in the Price Codes file under the Mounting group. Make your gluing methods easier to find by grouping them together using a prefix, i.e. all with the letter F as a prefix = F- roll on and taping, F- spray, F- heat press. This will help you identify and price the different options you offer and is especially helpful if you have a very long list of options.

  1. In the Glazing/Fabric field, enter the fabric number.

  2. In the Fit to Frame field, select which frame the fabric should reach into.

    For example, if the liner is in Frame1, then the fabric needs to be priced to reach the inside rabbet of Frame2. Select  in the Fit to Frame field.

When you look at the printed Work Order, you will notice that the glazing and the fabric for the liner are listed in the lower right. The fabric is instructed to fit over Frame1, into the inside lip of Frame2.

Fabric covered liner from Supplier

  • If you are entering a factory-produced fabric wrapped liner, then only enter the item number, for example, A-455.RA, into the Layered Frame screen. Do not enter the fabric into the Glazing/Fabric field as it is already identified in the item number


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