Production Flow – Overview

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What do you need for smooth production?  Save time by using FrameReady’s built-in tools designed to help you run an effective system for keeping track of orders and having what you need to complete them on time. There are tools for each step of the process. Adding just one new tool or document to your system can make a positive change in your business.

After creating a work order, you need to create the product. There are many tools in FrameReady to help you through the process.

Art ID tag

Taking in the Order:

  • Create the work order
    Use the Location field to identify for the framer where the art will be stored.
  • Print the work order
    This document is for the framer NOT for the customer. (Use Summary, Proposal or Estimate for the customer)
  • Print the art ID tag
    This small strip of paper stays with the artwork as it flows through the framing process and is attached to the side of the wrapped package for quick and easy identification.(You can print the Art ID Tags individually when the order comes in or Find all incomplete orders you created today and print the group).


Creating the Production List:

There are 2 choices to create a printed list of orders:

Production List


Choice #1. Click on List of Incomplete Orders or Find Incomplete Work Orders and then click on the Print List button
Tip: you can also customize your search by clicking the Find button and marking the incomplete radio circle along with any other criteria i.e. orders created this week only, orders due next week, etc.


Choice #2. Click on Print Documents button, Print Schedule of Incomplete button. Or, Reports menu> Incomplete Schedule
As orders are completed in the back room, the framer can cross off the completed orders and identify where they have been placed for pickup. If you have a computer in the production area, this can be done directly in FrameReady in the list view.
(Optional) Click Go To Materials List. This will create a listing of all materials required for this order. Items can be marked off as they are available for the order. Use the Find Items Not Yet Received button to locate needed components.

Creating the List of Materials to be Ordered:

Main Menu > Create Frame Order, then check box to Create Purchase Orders. Click Perform.

FrameReady will compile and create the following documents:

  • Moulding Cut List (sorted by order # with all frames, liners and fillets grouped together)
  • Matboard Cut List (sorted by work order number)
  • Frame Order Labels (attach to back of assembled frame)
  • Frame Order (list of all materials needed, sorted by Manufacturer or Distributor)
  • Artwork Order (list of purchased artwork)
  • Purchase Order (materials compiled onto order for each supplier identified to order from)
    – items on the purchase order can be: consolidated, deleted, moved to another order, modified, or back ordered. New items can be manually added.
    – the purchase order can be: printed, saved as a pdf, faxed, set as an email message with the order in the body or sent with the order attached as a pdf.

When Materials Arrive:

In Purchase Orders file: Adjust quantity if necessary and click on Accept button to have inventory automatically updated.Adjust Quantity
On Materials List (Work Order file): Mark Received box to show items now in stock.
In the Work Order file: Find all work orders to be worked on (Find Incomplete or customized search) and from the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on Reports and select:
  • Moulding Cut List (sorted by moulding group Eg. Wood, Metal, Liner, etc.)
  • Matboard Cut List (sorted by work order number)
  • Glazing Cut List (sorted by glass type with dimensions and customer name)

Find All Work Orders

When the Framing is Completed:

1. Go to the Incomplete List and click on the following…
  • Progress: select “Complete” from pop-up list.
  • Location: select location where finished art is stored (Eg. Ready 3).
  • Email: click blue-grey button to send completion email notifying customer that framing is done (Or, contact customer by phone).


2. Remember to take a digital image of finished piece and store it in the Work Order file (Shop tab> Photo File button or Picture tab in lower right).


Customer picks up Framing:

  1. Find Work Order for the customer.
  2. Look in Location field to see where finished piece is stored.
  3. Change Location field to read Picked Up.
  4. Click Find Invoice button (or Post to Invoice button if no payment has yet been made).Location Field
  5. Look at the Invoice screen, and let the customer know the Balance owing or if it is Paid in Full. Retrieve finished piece for client while they decide how to pay balance.
  6. Show artwork to the client and take their final payment if necessary.
  7. Print invoice if necessary.


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  1. Karla Elder says:

    Art Tags will be instituted today! I love the emails that give a tutorial each time. We can learn bit by bit and add to our knowledge of the program without trying to ‘eat an elephant’. Our business runs more profitable each day because of FrameReady.