Is it a Price Code Item or Retail Item?

What is the difference between a price code item and a retail item?

Price Codes Icon

A price code item is generally a component used in the making of a custom picture frame. This includes: frame moulding, matboard, glass, backing, labour/fitting charges, and custom designs (V-grooves, inlays, etc.). All of these items and their related charges are kept in a file which is accessible by clicking on the Price Codes icon.

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Retail items are stock items sold off-the-shelf at a set retail price. These include: giftware, art, readymade frames, art supplies and any other stock items. All retail items are kept in the Products file which is accessible by clicking the Products icon.

Both? Some items qualify for both. These are items that could be sold either as a component of a frame or as a stock item off the shelf.
For example, an easel back might be included as part of a work order or sold separately on an invoice.
These items should be kept in the Price Codes file. The exception is readymade frames which should be kept in the Products file.

You may also sell lengths of moulding and full sheets of matboard. Assign retail prices to these items in the Price Codes > Retail Pricing Tab.PR codes - Retail Pricing Tab


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