Update InLine Ovals

The supplier InLine Ovals has a readymade frame product which is entered in the Products File. You can import all of their product line, or update the pricing by doing the following:
1) Download the file from this site: http://www.frameready.ca/file/public/
2) Select the correct file. CAN for Canadian and USA for American. the file extension .fmp12 for newer versions of FrameReady and .fmp7 for older versions. Eg.  inline_CAN.fmp12
3) In your FrameReady program, go to the Products file (Form view) and click on “Add Products” button.
4) Click the Import Records button at the top of the screen and locate the file you downloaded. Click Open.
If you get an error message click okay. The Import Field Mapping screen will appear.
5) Click Import.
The screen will show all of the records from inLine Ovals and a dialog window will tell you how many records have been imported.
6) Click OK.
7) Click the Export to Records button.

How to Remove Stock which was Not Updated
If you have inventory in the existing products, it will remain. Any items from InLine Ovals that do not have a Modified date of the day you did the update, are products that have been discontinued. You can Find them by doing a double find.
1) Click the Find button.
2) Select InLine Ovals in the Category field
3) At the top of the screen, click on New Request.
4) Click on the OMIT button (top of screen) and enter today’s date in the Modified field (bottom left).
5) Click Perform Find.
   This will be the list of all InLine Oval items that were not in the new update. You may wish to delete them if you do not have any of these times in inventory.