Tracking Discounts – Price Codes File

There are certain rules which govern the application of discounts in the Price Codes file:

A discount may only be applied in the Automatic Inventory (Auto Inv) tab.

PC Auto InIt is primarily for tracking large volume buying of moulding and matboard, indicating how much you actually paid for your raw materials. (This file may be restricted from employee access using Main Menu > Set Up Data > Security tab > Price Codes.)

The discount you enter here does not affect your retail price, only the value of your inventory. If you wish to pass this discount on to your customers, you must modify your markup.

PC blue fields

The Wholesale Cost (blue fields) should not be changed, as it is governed by the vendor pricing update service.

When you use the Discount field in the Automatic Inventory (Auto Inv) tab it also affects the total dollar value of your moulding in the Manual Inventory (Manual Inv) tab.


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