Special Order For This Customer Side Bar Button – Contacts File

You can order a product or a piece of artwork without the need to create a work order.*  

  1. Click Special Order for this Customer side bar button
    The following dialog box appears.
    Special Order for this Customer
  2. A new record is created in the Products file so that you need only enter the data once.
    Fill in the appropriate fields. Make sure to enter the Supplier information.
  3. Click Done.

This product will be added to the purchase order for this vendor when you click Main Menu > Products purple tab > Create Product Order. This product will also appear in your Products file.

This feature can also be accessed on the Work Order file using the Special Order button, located in the artwork information entry section, but you must create a work order and select a customer name first.

There may be an advantage to using the Contacts file side bar button for your special orders so that no work order is created.

*In FrameReady full version only


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