Sale of Items by Category Work Order Report

This report will give a list of all work orders which were posted to an invoice for sale. It includes: price Before Discount, the amount Discounted, the Retail price Total, and the Wholesale Cost of the order.

  1. Start at the Main Menu.
  2. Click InvoicesSales Reports.
  3. Click Category (lower left).
    This will bring up the dialog box to set your parameters.
  4. Click in the Category field and, from the pop-up list, select “Work Orders“. (You can also select other categories to be included in your report with the “Add Category” button.)
  5. Enter a date range (1/1/12…3/31/12) or a single date. If left blank, it will find all orders since you started using FrameReady.
  6. Click the Proceed button.
    (A message will appear asking you if you want to print With or Without page breaks for each Category. Since you are only dealing with one category, select “Without”.)

The report will appear on the screen and can be viewed, saved as a PDF or printed.


Posted on Carl Jagt in Work Order Reports