Products File – Overview

The Products file is where retail merchandise is entered and stored, including art of any type, readymade frames, gifts and crafts, and any other stock item that has a set retail price.

Each item has a stock number that can be used for automatic lookup when filling out an invoice (note: sheets of matboards and length of moulding may be sold on an invoice but they are not stored in this file). The Products file also tracks inventory, date of last purchase and reorder levels.

Products file

New Item button is used to create a new record for any item. When you click on New Item, it will present a new Product screen with the next sequential number entered in the Item # field. Category is a mandatory field.

Duplicate Record button creates an identical product with a new Item #.

Item # is generated automatically by FrameReady when a new record is created. Numbers are sequential and are 6 digits in length. If the product (art, paint supplies, giftware, etc.) already has a product number, you can write over the number in the item field.

UPC – Bar codes are available for some retail products and can be entered into this field. If the product does not have a bar code associated with it, FrameReady will use the Item # as the bar code.

Title or Description can be either the title of the artwork or the description of the product (e.g. Vase, Blue.)

Category is a mandatory field. Select an existing category from the pop-up menu or use the New Category side bar button to enter a new one to apply to a new or existing record.
Note: The categories you create will be used on your sales reports. Give some thought prior to creating them to prevent excess or overlap (e.g. Art Supplies, or Paint and Brushes; etc.).

Image Available – Check Box when marked indicates that an image of the artwork is being stored. This box is automatically marked when the Import Image button is clicked on the Image tab.

Web List is a pop-up menu used to identify whether the item has been posted to your web site. The list can be modified using Edit. You may perform a search using this field.

The Site field shows the location which created the record (for use when Multi Site feature is activated).

The Marked box can be used to identify any group of records which can be found later. E.g. mark all items selected for a bridal registry, storage, or to print a list.

Consignment check box is used to identify artwork brought in by a local artist which is held on consignment. When creating reports, this field is used to differentiate consignment sales from regular sales and consignment inventory from regular inventory.

On Order box will be marked automatically when an item has been added to a purchase order. The box will be unmarked automatically when the Accept button is clicked on the purchase order. (The amount ordered will be added to the IN field).

Discontinued check box allows you to identify if the item is no longer available. You may not wish to delete the record if you have stock in quantity.

Products File Tabs

Pricing Tab – see this article

Pricing Tab

Multi Site Inventory Tab – see this article

PF - Multi Site Inventory

Artwork Tab –  see this article

Artwork Tab

Consignment Tab – see this article

PF - Consignment Tab

Image Tab – see this article

Image tab

Readymade Tab – see this article

PF - Readymade Tab

Special Order Tab – see this article

PF - Special Order Tab



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