Product Labels – Printing One per Item

You may print labels for a selection of items in the Products file. This method will allow you to print one label for every item in the current Found Set of the Products file.

  1. In the Products file, perform a Find to locate the retail products which require bar code labels.
    Tip: You can use the Marked box to identify unrelated groups to be printed, then do a find for the marked records. The screen will display a list view of the items for which you wish to print labels.
  2. Click on the Product Labels icon.Labels icon
  3. Enter the layout number you desire in Print Layout Number field. E.g. Avery 5167 Layout number 8.
  4. Click on Extras (or Scripts) > Import from Products.
  5. Enter the starting position of the first label.
    Start Position of Labels
    All of the items in the list view from the Products file will now be imported into this file. Only one item will be displayed. The number of Records to be printed is displayed on the left side of the screen. The Found count should be ‘1’. Do not change this.
  6. Click Print.


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