Print this Customer’s Work Orders

Print this Customer’s Work Orders prints all work orders that contain the same date and customer number (except for those checked as ‘estimate’ or ‘hold’). This is the fourth grey button in a column down the left side of work order screen.

After you finish taking an order, click this button and all work orders just placed by the customer will be printed. The printed work orders display a number to indicate that they are part of a group (e.g. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.).

To print just one out of a group, use the Printer icon at the top of the screen instead.

You only need to print the work orders while the customer is still present if your protocol is to have the customer sign a disclaimer for work to be executed. See this article. If this is not your shop procedure then you can print the work order at any time during production or chose to not to print at all and work directly from the screen.

The printed work order is an in-house document only. It contains helpful information, such as mat cutter settings, which are not present on the screen. If you are cutting mats manually then it will be necessary to print the work order.

Printed WO


Other documents are available in the Print Documents side bar button for you to give to the customer to take home, i.e. Proposal, General Summary, Detailed Summary.  Don’t give them the work order. And if they are only getting a quote and not leaving their art, print an Estimate.


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