Glass Pricing

Pricing options for glazing

Formula vs Code Table or Lite Size?

Glass/glazing can be priced by a formula, a code table or a combination of the two, or by the lite size.

  1. Create a formula which takes your COG (price per lite size) and times it by a markup plus a set price.
  2. Create a code table which cross references the UI/UCM with a retail price.
  3. Create a code table which cross references a Fixed Size with a retail price.

Play VideoSee Our Video Tutorial – Pricing Glass (9 min 10 sec)


Initial set up of Glass Pricing

Access: Price Codes file > Glass side bar button
  1. You will need to find a sample glazing record with which to experiment.
  2. Click the blue Glass Pricing tab.
    You will see a set of grey tabs.
  3. In the Markup tab, modify or enter your new formula.
    See this article to understand the Pricing Options and Defaults screen for glass.
  4. Click the Set Price tab and modify or enter your new set price.
  5. Choose the radio button for your desired pricing structure, e.g. United Inch Area, Square Inch… (If necessary click Reset Size Defaults to check the Price Sampler.)


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