Pricing Moulding – Linear Foot

This is an explanation of how the retail price of a frame is derived.

The Moulding group in the Price Codes file pertains only to items usually bought and sold by the foot. The Moulding group includes: Wood, Metal, Plastic (polystyrene), Liners, Fillets, and Extenders. (Bevelled Accents™ and Faux Fillets™ are also included in this group under Fillets.)

The Moulding group is governed by this formula:

          Retail Frame Price = required footage x price per foot + set price

  • required footage (imperial) = (UI + (moulding width x Width Multiplier x 4)) ÷ 6
  • required footage (metric) = (United Centimetres + ( Width / 10 x Width Multiplier) x 4)) / 50 x 10. Then take the sum and round it up to the nearest whole number and / 10 x Qty.
         Eg. (119 + ((40/ 10 x 1.25) x 4)) / 50 x 10) = 27.8 rounded up to 28 / 10 x 1 = 2.8 metres
    See fields circled in diagram to match numbers in red.
    Frame 1
  • price per foot = a formula that can be as simple as the price you want to charge or as complex as a formula that includes a cost (length, chop, or join), a markup and an amount per foot (several examples are given in this section)
  • set price = optional dollar amount added to the calculated price


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