How to Add Items to Groups – Price Codes File

Customizing this part of FrameReady is one of the most important things to do when first setting up your program. Time and effort spent here will be greatly rewarded when designing and pricing a custom frame.

Group Designations – Price Codes File Side Bar Buttons

The Price Codes file is organized based on Groups, represented by side bar buttons.
Each component that goes into the assembly of a custom picture frame must be categorized into a Group.

In setting up your program, you must determine what item fits into what group.

Some are obvious, some are not. E.g. you need to decide whether to place shadow box treatment under the Mounting group (Mount/Stretch in Work Order file) or the Extra group.

It is a matter of placing the component, design feature or procedure in the group that you think best fits your way of pricing and organizing. Some groups offer different methods of pricing. Mat Design, Hardware, Extra and Fitting are the same. Matboard, Mounting and Glass have the same pricing options. Knowing how you want to price an item, may determine into which Group it should be placed.

FrameReady comes preloaded with a few items in each group as a starting point. During the initial set up of your program, it is your job to add, delete, or rename these items according to your needs.  (Warning: Do not change the item numbers on moulding, matboard and fabric as this will cause them to be identified as discontinued.)

Then you must set up the pricing for each item in the group in order to make the pricing in the Work Order come out the way you want.

When you click in the field for each component on the Work Order, you will see the items for the specific group as they are listed in the Price Codes file.

Group Designations
Price Code Side Bar Buttons

Price Code Side Bar Buttons

  • Moulding (Wood, Metal, Plastic, Liner, Fillet, Extender)
  • Matboard
  • Fabric
  • Mat Design
  • Mounting
  • Hardware
  • Glass (plexi, mirrors, etc..)
  • Extra
  • Fitting
  • Multi-Angle
  • Supplies (not in Lite version)

Clicking on one of these side bar buttons will find all records for that group.

Note: The screen always displays the form view. You can see how many records belong to the group, where it says, 1 of ####, No of Records ####.

To Add Items to Groups:

To add new items, you can either duplicate a record or create a new one with the buttons in the top right corner. (New button or Duplicate Record button which are available only in the Form View.)

In the Form View of the record, make the necessary changes to the item. As you type the changes, they are saved.

Tip: To see how your finished list will appear in the Work Order Screen, click on the group, (E.g. Mat Design, then click on List View, then click on the underlined word the “Item”. The list will be sorted.

Tip: The list is sorted alphabetically, so you may want to group items together Eg. Vgroove – single; Vgroove – double, etc. Or, place number before the item to have them appear at the top of the list. Eg. 01 – Vgroove, 02 – Painted Panel, etc.

Read this article if you need to add a new item.


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