Manual Inventory Tab – Price Codes File

The Manual Inventory tab in the Price Codes file > Moulding, Matboard, Fabric, MatDesign, Mounting, Hardware, Glass, Extra, Fitting groups identifies inventory levels and storage locations for manually entering and removing inventory.

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Access: Price Codes file > Moulding or Matboard, Fabric, Mounting, GlassForm View > Manual Inv tab.

IMPORTANT: Do not use these quantity fields when the automatic inventory feature is turned on.

Qty:  fields display the available footage for this record. Enter the length of moulding in decimal form (e.g. 8’3”=8.25). Round off the partial foot measurement to a quarter of a foot (3” = .25; 6” = .5; 9” = .75; e.g.., 8’7” = 8.5). Must be updated manually.

Location: records where you have the stock stored. Alpha-numeric designations are acceptable. Only the first entry in the Location field will appear on printed reports.

Discount: used if your vendor gives you a % off the list price. This provides for an accurate accounting of your inventory value.

Total Footage: held in your inventory is shown as a decimal with the Total dollar Value.

Total Value: displays the value of your inventory after the discount.


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