Price Codes File – Form View

An overview of the screen buttons on the form view.

Price Code File Form View - Screen Buttons

1. Perform Last Find looks up the previous search.

2. Sort button. You will be presented with a Sort Records screen.

3. Duplicate Record button can be used to enter repetitious data. The button will create a new record duplicating all fields but leave the Item # and UPC fields blank. You cannot have identical item numbers or UPC numbers in this file. This button is particularly useful when entering numerous items from the same company, which have some duplication, e.g. a series of new moulding samples in the same category, price, size, etc.

4. New Price Code Item button allows you to create a new item for any Group regardless of the screen that you are currently on.
A dialog box appears listing all possible groups.
New Price Code item

All items in the Price Codes file must belong to a group. This determines how the item will be priced and under which list it will fall in the Work Order file. Select the group for the item you wish to enter, e.g. Fillet.

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