Pre-installed Formulas Disclaimer

The pre-installed formulas and code tables in FrameReady are included as a beginning point to help you get started. In no way does Adatasol, Inc. suggest that these should be your formulas or that they represent an accepted industry standard.

That being said, the pre-installed formulas and code tables have been well thought through and you may use them with confidence. FrameReady users new to the industry can count on the program giving them a good starting point.

There are a number of books and courses that specifically focus on pricing techniques. Another good place to start is by watching this excellent 9 minute video on the Evolution of Pricing.

If you are unsure of what you should charge, then we recommend that you take advantage of the many educational opportunities that are available, especially through the Professional Picture Framers Association.



Posted on Carl Jagt in Setting Up Pricing