Package Special Pricing

Package Special is a feature where any number of predetermined materials can be set up and then auto-filled on a work order simply by entering an abbreviation or code name. It is a fast way to enter fixed price special offerings or sales promotions. There is no limit to the number of packages that can be stored,  however each package special must have its own identifying code. The components that make up a package special can be actual items (e.g. Conservation Clear) or they can be generic (e.g. wood moulding).

Tip: Package Special must be pre-entered on the Main Menu > Work Order Options tab before creating one in the Work Order file.

Note: To create work orders templates for commonly framed items with adjustable prices, see

Some examples could be:

  • BJ = Boston Celtics Basketball Jersey shadow box frame
  • PSM1417 = Poster Special (14″ x 17″) metal frame
  • PSM2026 = Poster Special (20″ x 26″) metal frame
  • PSW1417 = Poster Special (14″ x 17″) wood frame
  • ARwood = Artist Special, wood
  • ARmetal = Artist Special, metal
  • CH001 = Christmas Sale, polystyrene frame promotion

How to Set Up Package Specials

To set up a new package special do either:

Access: Work Order > Options tab > Setup Package Specials…

WO - Options Tab


Access: Work Order file > Perform > Setup Options > Package Special

Package Special set up

This screen appears:

package special

  1. On the menu bar at the top, click on Records and select New Record to create a blank form to fill in.
  2. Create a Code name to identify this special. Caution: Each code must be unique – duplicates may cause problems.
  3. Fill in each component you desire. The components and the price could both be arbitrary. Caution: Do not enter exact moulding or mat board numbers if you are using the auto inventory. Field with drop-down lists are updates with auto inventory.
  4. The Total field is auto-calculated from the numbers entered in the Price fields. You cannot type a number into the Total field.

After you have created your Package Specials, you may now use them on a work order.

How to Use Package Specials

Access: Work Order > Measurements tab > Package Special button
Access: Work Order > New (menu bar) > Package Special

WO - Measurements Tab

  1. Click the grey Package Special button and this dialog box appears:WO - PS dialog1
  2. If the work order already has pricing in it, then clicking Current will undo that pricing and replace it with the Package Special pricing.
  3. If you click New, then a brand new Work Order will be created and you will be presented with this dialog boxPackage Special.
  4. Select the Package Special code name from the drop-down list and click OK.
    The work order auto-fills with the data but it is still necessary to enter the frame dimensions at this point.
  5. Enter measurements (e.g. width, height, margins) and moulding and matboard numbers if necessary. The work order is locked so the price does not change.
    Tip: Use the Fit in Readymade button if you know the frame size.
  6. Enter customer information and any other information to complete the work order as usual.