Multi Site Inventory Tab – Products File

This tab appears in the Products file. FrameReady Multi site only

PF - Multi Site Inventory

Move Inventory button: displays a dialog box where you can enter the quantity that is being moved, the site that it is being moved from, and the site that it is being moved to. Inventory levels are recalculated, and an entry is made in the Log file.

Move Inventory

View Log button: goes to the Log file and displays the log entries of the activity of moving inventory using the Move Inventory button. This list can be searched (click View menu > Find Mode). It can printed out and can act as packing slip to go with the product when it is physically moved.

View Log

The In field is the quantity of product available in inventory at each location.

The Out field is the quantity that has been consigned out at each separate location, using the Consignments file.

Qty Sold identifies the number of items sold since inventory was first entered for this item. When items are returned, the quantity sold is reduced.

Threshold is used to ensure that the product is always in stock. When the amount in the IN field falls below this number, then the amount in the Reorder field will be added to the purchase order created for this company. Company must be identified on screen.

Reorder contains the amount to be reordered when the Threshold falls below the amount in the IN field. When Main Menu > Products file > Create Purchase Order is used, then a purchase order will be created for the supplier identified for this product.

Received is the date when the item was entered into FrameReady. This field is automatically entered with the current date when you create click on the New Item button.

First Sold is the date when the item was first sold. If the two dates below it are the same, this indicates that the item has only sold once.

Previously Sold indicates the date sold between first and last. If the date is the same as the first, then the item has only sold twice in its history.

Last Sold is the date when the product was most recently sold on an invoice.

Turn Around is a calculated field counting the days between the most recent sale dates.


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