Mount/Stretch Detail Screen – Work Order File

This is an overview of the Mount/Stretch detail screen in the Work Order file.

Access: Work Order file > Framing Components section > Mount/StretchWO Mount Stretch

The tabs across the top show which detail screen you are in. These tabs allow for quick access to all work order detail screens.

Item: Click here to enter up to four types of mounting or stretching items from a drop down list. Or use the search magnifying glass to enter.

The blue button presents a screen where you may enter any mounting option not presently entered in your Price Codes file.

Thickness: shows thickness of components. Thickness populates automatically from the Price Codes file. This affects the Required Rabbet Depth on work order screen.

Extended Price of the particular design = price x Qty.

A Discount may be applied to each item in decimal format.

An X here shows if the advanced Combine Formula and Code Pricing is being used.

Total Cost of Mounting displays total of all items and reflects any discounts.

Done returns you to work order screen.


Inventory tab-

Name of the Item:

Width and Height show the size of the mount stock, whether 32×40 or 40×60, for example.

Inv: shows how much of the mount is used, quarter, half or full sheet for this job.

Pieces: shows how many of this size of mount may be cut from this size of stock.

Check Inventory: gives you access to the inventory information for each of the components.
This screen appears.
Check Inventory
You may enter inventory on this screen. Qty = amount. X and Y = width and height. Total = sum (not price). Location = shop shelf or bin #.
Note: This is for manual inventory only. In case you may want to adjust your inventory as you work we have provided this screen to allow easy access to all components.
Clicking Done returns you to the Mount/Stretch detail screen.


Unit of Measure tab-

Unit of Measure tab

This identifies how the item is being priced based on how it is being measured: UI, square inch, square foot, square yard, or linear yard.


Code Price tab
Mount Stretch Code Price tab
Code, Code Price by UI and Code Price by XY populate from the Price Codes file. A code price will over-ride any formula pricing and the XY price will have priority over the UI price. If no code is entered, FrameReady will calculate the price based on the formula. These fields are modifiable and affect the current work order only.


Formula tab
Mount Strech Formula tab
A formula is used to calculate a price only when there is no Code Price. The formula is based on the calculated cost x a markup + set price. The MarkUp and Set Price fields are modifiable and affect the current work order only.


Cost tab
Mount Strech Mount Strech Cost tab
The cost is based on the size as indicated. These are populated by the Price Codes file.


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