Moulding Pricing – Join Default

Certain mouldings and/or vendors may only be available as a join frame, also known as closed-corner frame. Therefore it is appropriate to select the order type as join.

Access: Price Codes file

If you have selected to order your moulding by Join (by clicking the Order Type radio button in the Frame Pricing tab), Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.01.09 PMthen FrameReady will look first in the blue Join cost field for an amount. If the Join field is blank, then it will look in the Chop field. If it too is blank, then it will base your retail price on the amount in the Cost field (Length).

NOTE: Although suppliers may have an option for you to order their moulding as Chop and Join, they may not have provided Adatasol Inc with the wholesale costs for Chop and Join. This often happens when the wholesale cost of the moulding varies with the size of the frame you order. E.g. 8×10 frame is $5.00 per foot while a 34×40 frame is 4.10 per foot. This is a common practise for Canadian vendors.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 1.55.16 PMIf you selected to price (and order) your moulding by Join, then FrameReady will apply the default markup pre-entered in the program which is 2 x join wholesale cost.  (To order by Chop or Length and price by Join, see this article.

Image 8

The default markups in FrameReady can easily be modified by clicking on the number and changing it. To see how your change will affect the retail price you charge for this moulding, click on the Reset button in the top right blue area. You can always undo the change and revert back to the default pricing by click on the Look Up My Default button. Or, if you have modified the default, you can insert the FrameReady defaults by clicking on the Install Program Defaults button and select the button for: This Record or All Moulding or Cancel.

In addition to the markups, all woods, liners and extenders have an additional $5.00 added to the final price of the frame. All Fillets have $7.50 added to the final frame price. These amounts are show under the Set Price tab.Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.30.34 PM

Under the Minimum and Surcharges tab you can set: a minimum footage amount (Eg. 4 ft minimum), 2 separate surcharge percentages, and the moulding width multiplier (used to add more footage to match a supplier chart or accommodate a waste heavy chop saw.)


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