How to make FrameReady changes on a network

The Problem

A variety of modifications can be made from specific computers.

Tasks for Host or one guest (only one user at a time):
  • Open the ScriptMaker dialog box
  • Define or change relationships
  • Define or change value lists
  • Edit a record or layout. Others can view the record, but no one can modify it until the current user moves to another record or presses Enter in Browse mode. In Layout mode, the current user must move to another layout or switch to another mode.
Host Only (all guests must close their connections to the file):
  • Define fields or change field definitions
  • Reorder layouts
  • Change print defaults
  • Change Work Order and Invoice options
  • Save copies of a file with the Save a Copy As command
  • Switch the files status between multi-user and a single user.
  • Close a shared file.

Mouse Cursor Changes

While you are working with a shared file, you might see the cursor change.

  • The squiggly arrow means FMP is waiting to receive data from the network.
  • The coffee cup symbol means FMP is waiting for the host to finish processing a request from another user. This may take some time to finish so go get a coffee.
Messages Appear

You may see a dialog box saying:

  • “NameofComputer(Admin)” is modifying this record. You cannot use this record until “NameofComputer(Admin)” is finished.

This means that another computer on the network is typing in the exact same record that you wish to work on. You can send the other computer a message by clicking Send Message or click OK to wait until they are finished.