Measurement Entry – Work Order File

Measurements Tab

WO - Measurements Tab

Enter the Width of the image (or opening of the mat if it is to overlap the image) as a whole number and fraction.

Enter the Height of the image (or opening of the mat if it is to overlap the image) as a whole number and fraction. (Enter the amount of white to appear around a limited edition print in White Space).

If you have selected the Show Orientation Dialog check box from the Main Menu > Work Orders > Options > then another box will show above these two fields. The Orientation icon indicates the vertical or horizontal direction of the artwork. With this option selected when you create a new work order a dialog box appears asking to select an orientation.You may choose to by-pass this by clicking None. If you select None , the icon will not appear on your screen but a square icon appears on the printed work order. The orientation you do select will appear on the screen and on the printed work order.

The matboard Margins in this field indicate the total amount of margins to appear between the image and the frame. Use the Mat Margins pop-up menu to quickly enter all four matboard margins at once. Select the appropriate number from the menu of pre-entered amounts or use the Edit… feature to customized the list or use Other... to create a one-time entry.

Click in each individual field to enter the mat dimensions (L = left, R, T, B) manually.

Use the Media Margins field to check the amount of space between the image and the edge of medium. This is normally used for L/E prints to ensure that the mat margins chosen are larger than the paper size.. Numbers will appear here only when the item is selected from the Product List button (blue arrow, located in the artwork section).


In order to bottom weight, click in the field (beside the letter B) to enter the bottom weight manually. Bottom weight may be defaulted in Main Menu > Work Order > Options tab > More Options > Work Order Defaults tab. If you have selected this option it will auto-fill the bottom weight. As always, this may be over-ridden. Below this field are L, R, T, B fields. The numbers appearing in this area indicate the total White Space to be added to the width and height of the image. E.g., use this feature when allowing space for signatures on L/E prints. If the signature on a Limited Edition print is large you may need to manually adjust the bottom white space.

The two BOLD numbers under L, R, T, B fields are the Inside Frame Measurement. It is the sum of the numbers above it; image + margins + whitespace. This field cannot be modified from this layout.

The two small GREY numbers under the Inside Frame Measurement are the Outside Frame dimensions. This is calculated by adding the width of the moulding used in the total frame package to the inside frame measurement. This information is handy when a customer or designer wants to know how much wall space the frame will occupy on the wall.

The Clear Mat Measurements button will delete the entries in the Mat Margins and the White Space fields.

The Number of records in the current found set (e.g. record #1 of 1) is shown at the bottom.  If the number is greater than one, you can scroll through the records using the yellow arrows at the top of the screen. The Total No of Records in the work order file database.

Package Special is convenient place to store work order templates that represent special offerings. There is no limit to the number of package that can be stored. Each package special must have its own identifying code. The components that make up a package special can be actual items or they can be generic (eg., wood up to 16×20).

Notes Tab

WO - Measurement Note Tab

You may keep track of anything particular to this framing job in this yellow space.

Side Mark, Plan, Room: These are used for corporate clients and refer to installation locations. These fields may show up on your invoice if you wish them to by calling Tech Support.

Index: Allows you to view other notes you have used, in case you would like to auto-enter something you have already typed.

Picture Tab

WO picture

Picture tab shows you the first photo stored in the Picture File for this work order.

Picture File stores an unlimited number of digital photos. It is the same button that appears in the Shop tab of the Work Order screen.

Insert Picture: Photos can be imported from your hard drive.

Note: Notes for this photo only can be typed in here.




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