Code Tab – Moulding Group

This allows for the pricing of moulding using codes tables and the retail price matrix supplied by a few Canadian vendors.

Access: Price Codes file > Moulding group > Code tab

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Matrix tab

Code= : This field displays the vendor code that has been assigned to the moulding record. The code field is where the vendor code is entered. It is usually supplied through the vendor pricing update program, but it can be set up manually or even as a formula. Consider the following example.
Cost<0.99; “LW1”;
Cost<2.50; “LW2”;
Cost<4.00; “LW3”;
Note: If the code contains any alpha characters, then the code must placed within quotes.

Check box to use code pricing:  If you decide to price your moulding using the matrix, you will need to put a check here. When enabled, the following will appear across the top of the Moulding screen: Vendor Price Matrix will be used for this moulding. Important: Do not check this box if you wish to price your moulding by a markup and set price. When the check box is marked the Matrix pricing for the Code displayed will override all other pricing (Formula and Set Price). This pricing method cannot be combined with any pricing under the Frame Pricing tab.

Show Codecode table pop over

Update Vendor Codes: a dialog box appears asking “this may take several minutes to complete. Are you sure you want to continue?” This function updates all the vendor codes provided by the various vendors to Adatasol Inc.

Code Tables: takes you to the Code Table set up screen. code tables

Select All Codes for “Specific Vendor” Only: this searches all the records for this vendor which have a code and enables those records to be priced by the code table.

Select All Codes: To select all records which contain a value in the Vendor code box, click here. Another dialog box appears. Click on Enable if you wish to activate all codes for all vendors. Or click Disable to deactivate all records.

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