Matboard & Fabric Group – Form View Price Codes File

Most of these fields are described in the Moulding Form View Screen therefore only ones unique to Matboard and Fabric groups will be covered here.


Access: Price Codes file > Matboard or Fabric group
PC Fabric

Thickness: enter thickness of the matboard or fabric. This will affect Required Rabbet Depth alert message on the Work Order screen.

Cost : list price supplied by the vendor.

Dimensions : will default to 32×40 if no entry is selected from the drop-down list. The size of stock will affect the price per square inch which FrameReady uses to calculate the area and price of a matboard or fabric. If a size is selected, then make sure that the cost corresponds to the size.

Discount field in the Auto Inv tab will not affect the price you charge your customers. It is used to accurately reflect the true dollar value of your inventory. Manually enter the percentage discount you receive from your vendor.

Manual Inv: manual inventory tab

PC Manual Inv
The size of the matboard is expressed in two fields X and Y. This allows for the tracking of partial sizes. The actual number of any size must be entered into the quantity field. The Total field calculates the square area of the matboard (based on the X and Y values) and expresses it as a decimal number (e.g. 16×20 = .25).

Matboard Pricing tab or Fabric Pricing tab.



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