List of Incomplete Orders – Work Order file

This is the second grey button in a column down the left side of work order screen. This button can also be found on the Main Menu screen in the salmon-colored block for Work Orders.

Clicking the List of Incomplete Orders button presents a list of all work orders, for all customers, with the radio button marked as Incomplete on the Shop tab. If there is more than one order, the screen will present a List View. If there is only one, it will present in Form View.

WO - Incomplete list

This list can be used as a production tool.
Use the Print List button to create a printer friendly version of the information on the screen. This list can be posted in the work room and orders can be checked or initialed when completed and the new location of the item written on the page.
When framing is completed, you can update the computer screen by:
  1. Changing the status to Complete so that it will not longer appear on your Incomplete List.
  2. Changing the location to Ready for Pickup or the location of the package (Eg. Ready 2).
  3. Clicking the email button to instantly notify the customer that their framing is complete. Learn how to edit the personal message here.

Both the printout and the screen show the total value of the artwork in your possession at any one time for insurance purposes. If you exceed your insured value, you may need to get a rider to extend your coverage.