Adding Miscellaneous Charges on a Work Order

Is there a way to add a one-time or miscellaneous charge? Yes. 

There are two options:

  1. The easiest way to add a miscellaneous price is to click the Other field at the bottom of the Work Order. You may type in any item which you will probably never need again and don’t want to add to the pop-up list. Press tab key to move to the price field where you may enter the necessary amount. For repetitive items use the editable drop-down list. This is handy for repeat services where the price is not determined by the size of the frame, but by outside factors, e.g. shipping-where you live, calligraphy-how many letters, etc.
  2. Click on Other.
    This takes you to the detail screen.


Posted on Carl Jagt in Entering Framing Components