Incomplete Schedule – Creating a Work Flow List


This document will improve production flow in your back room or manufacturing facility. It lists all incomplete work orders, omitting any ‘estimates’ and orders ‘on hold’ with handy check boxes. It is another way of viewing your incomplete list.

This is similar to the document you can create with the Print List button, but the advantage with the Incomplete Schedule, is that is also shows: the moulding number for Frame1, up to 3 mats, the 1st mounting entry and the 1st glass entry… for all incomplete work orders; all on one page.
As items are cut/assembled they can be checked off. When the job is completed, the location of the finished piece can be written on the page. Take the page back to the computer screen. In the Work Order list view, each completed work order can be marked as completed and the location field selected. (This will help the sales person to quickly locate the piece when the customer comes to pick it up.)


  1. Go to Work Order file > Reports menu > Incomplete Schedule.
  2. Click Printer icon to print.

Incomplete Schedule