Customer Discounts

I want to set up a permanent discount for an artist for whom I do framing. Where do I do this?

When documenting a new customer for the first time you may wish to record whether they receive a special discount on framing,  i.e. a wholesale % discount for an artist or interior designer. Enter the percentage amount in a decimal format. This information will auto-fill on any work order you create for this customer.

Access: Contacts file > Terms tab

Contacts file

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.43.21 PM

First decide whether you are giving a discount based on the entire work order or based on specific groups. Unless it is intentional, be careful you are not giving a discount on a discount (i.e. discounting wood moulding and also discounting the entire work order).

  1. In the Discount field, enter the amount. i.e. 15% would be entered as 15.
  2. Optional: enter the Terms, i.e. Net/30.
  3. In Work Order Components Discounts, enter any applicable discounts.
    This allows you to assign a discount to a specific group only.
  4. Optional: In the Keywords tab, add “Artist Discount and mark it for this customer.
    Contact Keywords tab
    This provides an easy way to search all artists who buy wholesale from you. See more on Keywords.

Now every time you create a work order for this customer, their discount will auto-fill in the % field in the Pricing Section > Options of the work order screen.








Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.44.59 PM

If the discount is only for a specific component, then their discount will auto-fill in the detail view screen of that component.

Mounting detail screen

As always, this can be manually over-ridden.

This information appears on the Work Order Detailed Summary

Work Order Detail



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