Using the Time Card

Logging in

When you navigate to the Time Cards file, you are always taken to the Login screen. You must select an account from the list (only Active accounts are displayed).

  1. Click on the Employee ID Number that represents the account to which you are logging in.
    A password dialog will appear.
  2. Enter the corresponding Password.
    If you have forgotten the Password, click Cancel and click the Password Hint button.
  3. Click OK.
Clocking In/Clocking Out

When an employee logs in, they are always taken to their last Time Card. If the employee has User access only (see Security section) they are denied from viewing all but their own Time Cards. The Find screen has also been modified so that a user level account can only do a search for their Time Cards.

  1. Click the Clock In/Clock Out button.
    The current date and time will be automatically entered. If you have not yet clocked in for the current day, you will automatically be clocked in. Alternately, if you have not yet clocked out, you will automatically be clocked out.
  2. Click in the Day Type drop down list to select a day type.
Logging Out

Once you are finished Clocking In or Clocking Out, it is always a good idea to logout. That way others will not be able to view or change your information.

  1. To logout, click the Logout button in the upper right corner.

Alternately, using any of the navigation icons at the top of the screen (ie: Main Menu, Invoices, Work Order, etc) will automatically logout the current user.

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