How to update glass pricing

Although moulding, matboard and fabric items are automatically modified through the vendor pricing updates, glass items are not. Prices need to be updated manually and since there are fewer options than matboard or moulding, it is fairly quick and easy.


Regardless of how you price your glass, these two things should be done to update your wholesale cost on each glass records.

1) Enter the wholesale cost of one lite into the blue field for Cost

• The cost per lite should be based on the dimensions field (if blank it assumes 32×40 for size)

• You can calculate the price per lite by dividing the box price by the number of lites per box.

• If you receive a discount from the supplier, enter the discount percentage as a decimal in the field on the right side of the screen. (Do not include the discount in your calculation of wholesale cost unless you are competing on price as this transfers the discount to the customer without their awareness. If you wish to pass on your savings to your customer, use the discount field in the Work Order under Glazing/Fabric).

2) Enter today’s date in the Validation Date field

• This will identify when you last updated your wholesale costs and/or retail prices

By Markup

If you are pricing your glass with markups, any change in your cost will automatically increase or decrease your retail price. (cost x markup (+ set price) = retail price)

PC - Glass

By Code Tables

If you are pricing by Code Tables, the new wholesale cost will not change your retail prices.

You can adjust your retail price by clicking on the Code Tables button, then clicking on the Adjust by % button, to increase (or decrease) your retail prices by a percentage.

By Individual Lite Size (for inventory control)

Changing the wholesale costs will not affect your retail price.
pricing glass By Individual Lite Size
You will need to click in the large yellow field (under the tab for Set Price in the blue Glass Pricing tab) and type in the new retail price.

Update your costs as often as necessary and check your retail prices to ensure your profit margin.