Creating a New Gift Certificate

  1. Click the New button in the upper right hand corner.
    A new record appears with a sequential serial number, today’s date and automatically marked as redeemed ‘No‘.
  2. Fill in the Gift Certificate Wording requested by your customer in the To and From fields.
  3. Enter the Amount (required) and the By Line (optional).
    Select from a pop-up menu of pre-entered options or edit the list to offer different choices in Edit… or add a one time line by using Other
  4. Select the customer who is purchasing this certificate by using the Find By Name, By Company or By Phone buttons. If the customer is not in your database add them by clicking New Customer side bar button.
  5. Click Show Choices side bar button to show the customer the three possible printing styles; Modern, Traditional or Classic.
    GC show choices
  6. Print the customer’s desired printing style using the appropriate Print button.
    Print the certificate in the language of the recipient. The three choices are English, Spanish and French. Using the other side bar buttons, i.e. Print Modern will not give you the language choices.
    Only the Modern and Classic styles display the store logo.
  7. Trim the Gift Certificate paper, enclose in an envelope and hand to the customer.
    Gift Certificate
  8. Click Post to Invoice button. A new invoice appears with the line item as nontaxable.
  9. Select Enter a Payment and follow through with the transaction.


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