Redeeming a Store Credit

A customer would like to use their Store Credit to make a purchase or pay for a deposit on a custom frame. Here is the procedure:

  1. Create an Invoice.
  2. Make sure Customer information is entered.
  3. Click Enter a Payment.
    FrameReady searches the Gift Certificates file for any credits that may be available for the customer entered on the invoice. A dialog box appears if a credit found.
    Available Credit
  4. Click Yes.
    The fields in the Receipts dialog box will be populated with the credit information.
  5. Click Done.

If the amount of the invoice is less than the customer’s credit, then a new store credit will be issued for the balance of the credit. If the amount of the invoice is greater than the credit, then another payment line will need to be entered for the balance owing.


Do not use the Edit button to attempt to modify any of the information on a payment made by Store Credit. If you do, a message will appear stating, “Store Credit  #(number used) has already been redeemed! Please select another form of payment.” When you click the OK button (which is the only option), the payment will be erased from the invoice. The store credit will be marked as redeemed in the Gift Certificate file even though it does not appear on any invoice. If this happens, call Tech Support for assistance 888-281-3303.


Posted on Carl Jagt in Invoicing Procedures