Tracking Inventory Off Site

How do I handle collections loaned to museums or consigned to other businesses?

Outbound Consignments IconUse the Consignment file to move inventory from your store to another gallery, museum or third party sale. See how to use this feature here. Do not use this feature for multi-site store locations.

The printed list or directory can accompany the pieces. See how to do that here.

When the art is out at a show, with a customer for approval or being sold by a third party, the number of items sent out will appear in the OUT box in the Products file.

When the event is over, the art can be marked as sold or returned. If sold, an invoice is created for the customer.


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2 comments on “Tracking Inventory Off Site
  1. I wish that the consignment tab could be used for artwork that is only out on approval to our clients and we could set the return time for 3-4 days. That would be very useful for an art gallery. We are not big enough to loan things to museums and we do not consign to other businesses.

  2. Bert de Roo says:

    You definitely should be using the Consignment file even though you don’t view your customers as consignees, that in effect is the best to track what of your inventory is actually out on approval, away from your store.

    The alternate way of doing this procedure would be to create an invoice, enter the item, and then select 48 hour approval under Terms field. Then the item is not taken out or deleted out of inventory. When the customer brings back the item and decides to purchase, just go ahead with the invoice in a regular manner and change the Terms field. Or if the customer choses not to purchase after all, then Void the invoice.