Finding Customers by Range of Date

How do I find all customers that haven’t purchased since a particular date?

This information is located in the Contacts file and based on information in the invoice file. (Not available in FrameReady Lite.)

  1. Go to the Contacts file.
  2. Click on the Find button.
    The “Enter search criteria” screen will appear.
  3. Look for the Date of Last Purchase field and enter the desired time frame.
    For example, enter the date range as … 01/01/12 to find everyone enter prior to Jan 1, 2012. Or enter an defined date range 1/1/11…01/01/12 to find contacts who made a purchase during the year 2011.

Tip: If you are going to be sending email messages to these customers, make sure you enter an asterisk (*) into the email address field of the Enter Search Criteria screen in order to find only those people who actually have an email address.


Posted on Carl Jagt in Customer Related Reports