Deleting Invoice Line Entries

How to adjust Line Items on an Invoice
  1. Locate the Invoice
    Click the Data Entry button.
  2. The Line Item Entry screen appears.
Determine if the item is:
A) a retail item from your Product file
B) a retail item is not in your Product file (manually entered)
C) a work order
A) Item from Product File
  1. Do not delete the item. Instead, enter the same item again on the next available line but use a negative quantity in the Qty field. This will return the product back into inventory.
B) Item manually entered on Invoice
  1. Use the teal X button on the far right to delete the item.
C) Work Order
  1. Click on the teal X button on the far right.
    A dialog box will appear asking if you want to unpost the work order before deleting it.
  2. Click Yes.
    This will remove the work order from the invoice and change the status so that it appears as if it had never been on an invoice. On the work order screen, the button will once again read, “Post To Invoice”. 
  3. If the customer is not going ahead with the framing, change the work order to an Estimate.
    If the customer wants the work order on a separate invoice, you can click the Post To Invoice button on the work order screen and a new invoice will be created.
    If the customer wants this work order added to another, existing invoice, note the work order number. Go to the existing invoice, to which the work order will be added, and use the magnifying glass to add the work order number. Click the Search button. All the other fields (Desc, Qty, Price) will be filled in.


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