Use FrameReady to run a Loyalty Program / Frequent Framer Club

FrameReady offers a number of different options for you to manage a Loyalty Card, Frequent Framer or Framer’s Club program. Loyalty card Use a standard dollar figure or percentage amount, either alone, or in combination with each other.

Identify the member

The Loyalty Card is associated with a person, so it is tracked in the Contacts file. To recognize the person as being a Loyalty Card member, use the Note field in the Contacts file. Enter an easily searchable code or word. E.g. LC or FF or Loyalty. You can also enter the level they are currently at. E.g. LC-50 meaning Loyalty Card $50 spent or point value. Just remember to be consistent.
The Loyalty Card
This note will appear on the work order and invoice screens under their address. This is a nice prompt to remind customer’s about your Loyalty program, comment on their status, or let them know how close they are to the next reward level. The Note field, in the Contacts file, will not print on any documents. This field is searchable. You can find all of your Loyalty Card members for mailing, or find all members who will be able to save on their next purchase and send an email, letter or call them. Another advantage of this field, is the ability to search for everyone who has a Loyalty Card at a specific value. E.g. LC-100 and market directly to that group.

And/OR Keywords
You can also use the Keywords section to identify the person as a Loyalty card member.  Be sure to mark the box for the item you create. This field is searchable.

And/OR Date/Notes
Another option is the Date/Notes: field where you can enter usage of the card. E.g. Loyalty: card issued. After entering the note, the current date will automatically be entered into the Date field.
Dates or Notes
This field is searchable but requires the person to enter the searchable item “Loyalty”, or “Framer’s Club”, or “FC” exactly the same. E.g. A search for “Framers Club” will not locate entries with “FC” or “Framer’s Club”.

OR Group/Details
Another option is to use the Group/Details: field where you can create a Group. E.g. Loyalty. And then enter the Details. E.g. issued card 3/31/10. The Group field can easily be searched. Entries are not sorted but remain in the order they were entered; newest item at bottom of the list.

When the loyalty card is redeemed you can also set up a way to quickly enter it onto an invoice and track the number of times a card is redeemed.
This method will enter the item, description and quantity onto the invoice, then it is up to you to enter the dollar amount of the discount.
To do this, you will need to create an item in the Product file for the discount.
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.11.07 PM

You can change the item number to be a short abbreviation which is easy to remember. E.g. LCR. Enter the Description and the Category. If you don’t have a Category for Discounts, you may want to start one now. If you have a standard dollar figure for your discount, you can enter it into the Retail field as a negative value. Otherwise, leave the Price field blank. If your discount is a percentage, you should enter the discount onto the work order. Then, when it is posted to an invoice add the LCR item and have the description as “Loyalty Card Redeemed for 20% off” or the value you are offering.
Either way, when the Loyalty card is redeemed, change the Note field on the Contacts file to indicate this. E.g. LCR or LC-Redeemed or delete the entry.