Spring Clean your Sample Wall – Corner Sample Management

Getting ready to dust off your corner samples? Here are some tips to save you time in the future.
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It is easier doing it with two people. As you pull off the sample to dust it, call the number over to the person at the computer.

They will do two things:

1. Find the moulding sample in the Price Codes file.

2. If it is a valid sample, mark the Moulding Sample check box in the top right corner.

PC image tab

This will save you valuable time when the list of discontinued (Not Verified) items come up later. You will be able to perform a Find for all records which are identified as Not Verified (in the Validation field) AND have an X in the Moulding Sample box. This will give you a short list of your discontinued samples which you can print. The samples can be quickly removed from your wall rather than waiting for a sales rep, or customer, to find it for you.

If it is discontinued (or not verified), you can toss it before dusting and free up valuable wall space which should not be wasted on products that can’t be sold. But don’t toss it in the rubbish. Consider donating it to your local high school shop class or Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area. It’s amazing what craftspeople make out of them.

Locating Samples on the Wall

If you want to identify on which sample display wall or in which column the sample is hanging, you can type that into the Price Codes file as well. If you are not using the Location field to identify where the inventory is stored, you can enter the sample location. E.g. W12 (for west wall 12th column). Or you can use the field under the Image tab.

In the Image Tab you can store a photograph of the sample for reference.

Image Tab
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