Educate Your Customers

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone knew more about custom framing? How do you break through the misinformation, misleading advertising and reluctance which is felt by potential customers? Wilda Thomas, Creative Art and Frame, London, ON, Canada created a free ebook to give to customers to educate them on custom framing.

“Most people seldom custom picture frame artwork. Have you ever wondered why? Well, put simply, because of all the misleading advertising, confusing claims, bad information, prices all over the map and myriad of proper conservation techniques, choosing a framer who can “bring your ideas to life” is quite the challenge. Not to mention finding someone who has a decent sense of taste and design, in itself, is difficult!

I’m sure many of you have wondered, “How will I ever find a qualified, competent and professional framer?  And once I do, “How do I display my artwork so it puts a smile on my face every time I see it?”

Before you hand over your valuable property to a minimum wage big box framing staff associate or ‘hobby’ framer, educate yourself by downloading a copy of our easy-to-read and informative Creative booklet.”

The Creative Guide to Picture Framing: Seven Tips that You SHOULD Know to Enhance the Longevity, Impact and Pleasure provided by your Artwork.

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Topics include:

  • How high should I hang my artwork?  (FYI ~ most people hang their artwork way too high)
  • How do I manage hanging my wall of frame which includes family photos of multi generations?
  • What about matting ~ single, double, triple, none, what proportion, what colour?
  • How do I select artwork for my office or a commercial space?
  • What about glass?  What is the difference between clear, non-glare and UV?
  • How do I safely frame memorabilia such as war medals, hockey jerseys and family collages?
  • What are reproductions on canvas?