Frame Pricing Tab – Moulding Group

The Frame Pricing tab in the Price Codes file > Moulding group is used to calculate the retail selling price of your moulding. There are a number of considerations which go into this calculation. If your vendor provides a length, chop, and join price, which one do you want to use? Do you use a sliding scale markup or is your markup the same for all moulding regardless of the cost? These considerations are discussed in depth in the Pricing Moulding By The Linear Foot.

Access: Price Codes > Moulding group > Frame Pricing tab

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Install Program Defaults:  finds all moulding records and applies the default formula established by Adatasol Inc. If you are unsure of how to do your pricing or have been experimenting with the pricing and wish to return to the defaults with which FrameReady was set up, then click this button. A warning message appears asking you confirm that you want to perform this action. Click OK or Cancel.

Pricing Options and Defaults:  takes you to another screen where you can set up any number of pricing defaults or pricing options.

Lookup My Default: an easy way to find and enter a pricing default record (that has already been set up in the Pricing Options and Defaults screen). Use this feature whenever you enter a new moulding record.

Apply This Formula To A Group of Records: Once you have entered a formula and set price you can apply it to a group of similar records using the Apply This Formula To A Group of Records button. This takes you to another screen where you can specify the records to which you wish to apply the formula.

Reset: use when there are no values in the UI column or when you wish to set the UI values back to the default values.

Printer icon: allows you to print the pricing formula for this moulding.

Formula Tab

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Formula is where you enter the calculation you wish to use to determine the retail price per foot of your moulding.

The Markup field displays the calculated markup that will be used on the work order to calculate the price of the frame. You cannot enter a value is this field. It is derived from the retail price per foot, which is based on the pricing formula and the Order Type (see #11) selected for the record.
NoteFrameReady has built in defaults so that if the Order Type selected is Chop, but there is only Length available, then it will default to the Length price. It is possible to have a formula that calculates the retail price based on the Length and to order by Chop or Join. So, while the Markup shows a Chop or Join markup, in actuality, the retail price is being calculated by the Length price.


Set Price Tab

Moulding Group - Frame Pricing -Set Price tab

The Set Price tab is used to enter or calculate a set or fixed price that is added to the retail price of the frame (e.g., if your set price is $5.50, then after your frame price is calculated, an additional $5.50 will be added). The Set Price can be used to cover labor, or shipping, or just to ensure a minimum frame price. The Set Price is an optional dollar amount added to the calculated price. It can be based on the formula or just an amount entered into the field. It is a one time dollar value that is applied to each piece sold. The amount in this field will not vary with the amount of stock used. This is an optional field.

Minimum & Surcharges Tab

Moulding Group - Frame Pricing -M & S tab

See this article.

Special Tab

Moulding Group - Frame Pricing - Special Tab

Check Box to use United Inch Pricing: If this box is checked then any other formula for pricing will be overridden.

Cost Per UI: this amount either comes to you from the vendor or you have entered yourself in order to use this method of pricing.

Markup: How much you wish to markup the cost per UI.

Apply this markup to all “vendor” moulding:  will apply the markup to all moulding records for this specific vendor.


Frame Pricing tab L C J detail

Use the LengthChop, and Join radio buttons to specify how you wish to order your moulding. Changing the order or cost type may change the retail price of your moulding depending on the formula used to calculate the price (the FrameReady default formula uses this field as part of the formula).

Enlarge: When a formula gets too long or you wish to print it out, then use the Enlarge button to display in a larger format.

Frame Pricing tab detail

This section of the screen is known as the price sampler. The HXW column displays the size. The UI column displays a number of united inch values (which may be modified for this record). The Footage column displays the calculated footage based on the UI and the width of the moulding. The Price column displays the frame price based on the footage, the price per foot and the added Set Price. The price sampler may be used as a way experimenting with different formulas or comparing with other price charts. Price = Footage x Price Per Foot + Set Price


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