Frame Order vs Purchase Order?

FrameReady provides two different ways of ordering supplies: via Frame Orders or Purchase Orders. It is possible to use both or select only one.

How Work Orders influence Purchase Orders

Several things need to be kept in mind when using either Frame Orders or Purchase Orders:

  1. FrameReady finds only those work orders which are in the incomplete status. Work orders marked as complete, hold or estimate are automatically omitted. See this article.
  2. A work order can be manually excluded (or de-selected) only by clicking on the Cancel Frame Order sidebar button in the Work Order file.
  3. Conversely, a work order can also be included back in (reselected) by clicking the same sidebar button when it says, Select for Frame Order.
  4. Artwork selected from your Products inventory is included.


What is a Frame Order?

The Frame Order is an internal document; a printable list of the required materials needed for all the Work Orders created since the last Frame Order was processed.

  • All items on a Work Order are automatically added to the Frame Order.
  • Work Orders can be included or excluded from the order.
  • The Frame Order list can be used to verify any existing stock or used as a chop order list.
  • The Frame Order is sorted by the name in the Supplier field and can be printed without page breaks or one supplier per page.
  • A Frame Order is a non-modifiable, internal, printed shop document.
    Tip: A Frame Order, optionally, may create a Purchase Order entry in the Purchase Order file.



  • Internal document
  • No setup required
  • Includes Customer Name
  • Includes Work Order number
  • Cannot be modified
  • Must be printed
  • Cannot be consolidated (total items)
  • Cannot be emailed to Vendor


What is a Purchase Order?

The Purchase Order (PO) an outgoing document. It collects the same data as the Frame Order but allows the information to be viewed, edited, consolidated and printed.

Purchase Orders may be created manually or automatically using the Auto-Create Frame Order feature.

  • The Purchase Order groups items by the vendor identified in the Order From field in your Price Codes.
  • If no vendor is assigned, then the item is not posted to a PO.
  • When the materials arrive, the amount received can be automatically transferred to inventory by clicking the Accept or Accept All button.
  • All POs created are stored in the Purchase Order file and can be retrieved for viewing or printing or reprinting at any time.



  • Outgoing document
  • Can assign items to any supplier, e.g. order Bainbridge mats from Larson Juhl
  • Can consolidate moulding footage, glass & matboard area for total of multiple orders
  • Can send by email as PDF or in body of message
  • Orders are stored in a searchable database
  • Identifies moulding as: Length, Chop or Join
  • Easy to add additional items to Purchase Order
  • Can move items from one order to another
  • If there is not enough stock to order from a supplier, the Purchase Order can be placed on hold (use Omit button) and added to the next Purchase Order created for that supplier.
  • Requires setup
  • Work Order numbers are removed when items in a Purchase Order are consolidated
  • All items must be assigned to a Vendor using the Order From feature or they will not appear on a Purchase Order.

    See also: Set up Suppliers to Vendors


Frame Orders vs Purchase Orders

Comparison Table

Frame Orders
Purchase Orders
No setup required Setup required
All Work Order items are added Additional items can be added
Not modifiable – printed only Modifiable in FrameReady
Sorted by Supplier Grouped by vendor
Cannot email to vendor Can email to vendor
Cannot consolidate line items Line items can be consolidated



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