Fit in Readymade Side Bar Button – Work Order File

Use the Fit in Readymade side bar button when a customer brings in their own frame and wants a mat cut to fit it. It basically allows you to easily work backwards from the frame size in, instead of the normal way.

A customer brings in her own 16 x 20 frame and wants me to cut a mat for it with an odd size window. Can FrameReady calculate the matboard margins? Yes.

  1. From the Main Menu > Work Orders (salmon section), click on New Work Order.
  2. Click on Fit in Readymade side bar button.
    fit in readymade
  3. Enter the measurements of the existing frame in width and height fields.
  4. Enter the measurements of the desired window.
  5. To center the window in the frame, click on Center Window.
    If you wish to bottom weight the matboard, then enter the size of the bottom margin in the field provided. Ignore the message, “Window is not centered.” You can also make the top and side margins the same and have the bottom size calculate accordingly by clicking Make Top & Sides the Same.
  6. Click Done.

Image and white space measurements can be entered on the work order screen first or entered on this Fit to Readymade detail screen.


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