Production FAQs

Does the program accommodate stacked frames?

Yes. Up to five frames, or a combination of liners, extenders and fillets may be priced. You can also specify into which layer the glass needs to be fitted.

Will FrameReady create work flow schedules? 

Yes. A number of back room tools are available in the program to help with work flow, such as cut lists, scheduling, incomplete lists, materials lists, etc.
It will let you tell a customer immediately what status their order is.

In auto-inventory mode I want to delete a work order. Will materials be returned to inventory?


When placing an order, if you have very small orders, such as matboards, can you merge together to build up an order and save on shipping fees?


This is a great way to save on shipping costs when you have different vendors from whom you can order your mats. To do this, you need to use the Purchase Orders in FrameReady. Once you have created the purchase orders you need for the week, they will appear in a list view.

Use the “Merge 2 POs Together” button to move the contents of one Purchase Order (PO) to another. Take note of the Purchase Order number (PO#) for both orders.
TIP: Before you move the contents of the PO, you may want to consolidate the items on one order only. This may be helpful if the other PO does not need to be consolidated.
A dialog box will appear asking for the number of both POs. Enter the numbers and click OK.
The contents will be moved but the subtotal will not be recalculated. Click on the PO, and in the form view, click the Recalculate button to see the new totals.

If one rail of a frame is more than half the length of a piece of moulding is there some way to flag it?

Only three pieces will be indicated on the footage when really four sticks are needed. What do I do?

There is no way to flag this dilemma at this time.

You will need to watch for sizes larger than 60 inches in either the W or H fields on the PO.
To cover the extra charges consider using the Oversize 1 and Oversize 2 fields on the Price Codes file Surcharge tab.
Try entering the footage as 10 and the surcharge as .10 in Oversize 1. In Oversize 2 enter footage as 20 and surcharge as .20.
Experiment with this on a work order to see if the footage and percentage is adequate and profitable.