Initial Set Up / Customization of FrameReady

How easy is it to learn FrameReady?

FrameReady’s GUI (computer “geek-speak” for how user-friendly it feels), navigates you through the program intuitively.

Colour-coded screens help the learning curve, allowing you to quickly remember the files and subconsciously communicate ‘you’re in the right place’.

We have tried to make learning accessible and fun with our knowledge base and video tutorials. Your staff can watch these any time.

How long from installation until “we’re up and running”?

While some people have made the transition in 2-3 days, others allow a month.

It really depends on amount of time you commit to this business investment.

What is critical to set up in FrameReady first?

Most people want to get their pricing set up first. Your software arrives preloaded with your preferred vendor items and wholesale cost. You will need to determine whether the default formulas meet your needs.

Start using the Work Order file right away. This will tell you whether you need to tweak the markups.
Then systematically go through your pricing items: moulding, matboard, mounting, glass, etc.
Make sure all procedures which you offer, i.e. laminating, are entered as an item in the Price Codes file.

Your moulding and matboard inventory can be set up later.

Enter any retail products into the Products file.

Customer names and details can be entered as they come in and place their orders (if they were not pre-installed from an existing customer database).

My supplier doesn’t supply updates to Adatasol, Inc. How do I enter the items?

It is rare that Adatasol does not supply certain moulding companies information. Any matboard and moulding supplied from companies not appearing on the FrameReady web site, will have to be entered manually into the Price Codes file using the Duplicate Record and New Price Code Item buttons.

Moulding and matboard additions and deletions for all vendors partnered with Adatasol Inc, will be dealt with automatically when you subscribe to the Annual Subscription service.

 What is the easiest way of implementing FrameReady in my shop?
    1. Go to Main Menu > Setup Data. Ensure that your business information is completely entered correctly, i.e. address, days open, fiscal start date, etc. Import your company logo in the Logo tab.
    2. Ensure that all Vendors are installed in the Price Codes file. You can check this by clicking on Findthen click on the down arrow to the right of the Supplier field to see the list of suppliers which we have entered from your requested list. Note: matboard companies are listed separately; even if you purchase them from a distributor who only carries all or part of their stock. Therefore, they will need to be updated individually. E.g. Artique, Bainbridge, Crescent, Peterboro, etc. If you don’t see all your vendors, go the the Main Menu > Update Vendor Pricing button and install which ever ones you need from the appropriate country list.
    3. Get everyone, who will be using the program at the design counter, to watch the basic navigational videos on our YouTube channel.
    4. Immediately, start the “Paper to Computer” switch. For a short time, you may choose to do double entry. Take orders with customers the way you have been doing it in the past. Then, when the customer is gone, go back to the computer and enter the same order into FrameReady. Do this while no one is looking over your shoulder and you don’t feel rushed or embarrassed while you are learning something new. (Don’t worry about the prices matching; this is just a way to practice order entry with real data.) With time, you will find that, as you are writing the order out the old way, it will suddenly jump into your mind that, “this would be a lot faster on the computer”. At that time, you need to stop using the paper system.
    5. As the orders are entered, it will give you a chance to check the prices against the old paper system and find out what items are missing. Your next step will be to set up the pricing in FrameReady.
    6. Set a “Go Live” date. This is the day when everyone is off the old system and you are committed to the new one. It is a good idea to work towards a deadline in order to make the most ROI.

Can the program be customized to meet our shop needs?


All Work Order file pull-down menus and value lists may be customized. There is no limit to the number of items which may be added. There is also value in customizing your lists because some reports will access this information, i.e. Artwork Description List.

Your business logo can be incorporated into printed documentation/PDFs.

Art labels may be customized.

You may also set defaults for mat sizes, mounting, discounts and pricing in the Work Order file.