Exporting a Customer List of email addresses to a Third Party (FR9.0v4 and higher)

A selected group of Customer names can be saved in a file and sent digitally to another company for direct mail campaigns. Files can be saved in a variety of formats (e.g. tab-separated text, comma-separated text, DBF, . XLS, etc.). Your customer file can be saved to your hard drive, USB drive, or burned onto a CD.

This is a level4 function only.

1. Go to the Main Menu and click on the Perform menu and select “Restore Full Menus“.

2. Click on Find Contacts (dark blue block).

3. In the Enter Search Criteria screen, enter the criteria to find the group of customers you wish to include in your mailing (e.g. Spent over a certain dollar amount, made a purchase in the last 6 months, etc.). To Omit items from your search group, see http://frameready.com/know/using-the-omit-find-feature/

4. Click Perform Find button (top right).
The screen will display the list of all the clients who matched the criteria you entered.

5. Click Form View button (top center).
The screen will display one contact record from your found set.

6. Click Export Email Addresses button (left side).
A dialog box will appear offering three choices: export all of the addresses in your database or only the found set or Cancel.

7. Click Found Set button.
The Export Records to File dialog box will appear. 

8. Select the location to where the file will be saved (such as Desktop).

9. Select the format which the file will be saved as from the Save as type: field. If in doubt, ask the company handling your email marketing.

10. In the Save as: field, type in the name of the file so that it can be easily found later. If you are sending the file to another company, it is a good idea to put your company name on the file (e.g. MyGalleryCust14) and not just a generic name (e.g. customerlist).

11. Click Save.
The Specify Field Order for Export dialog box will appear showing Email as the only field to be exported.

12. Add additional fields to your export. In the Specify Field Order for Export dialog box, the items listed on the right side of the screen under the heading Field export order are the fields that will be transferred to your file. The fields that are available for exporting are listed on the left. You can move any field to the right side of the screen by double-clicking on it or single-click on it and then click the Move button.


The following items are recommended for email marketing:

Use the arrows beside the field name to drag items up or down in the list.

13. To locate the ::NameFirst and ::Name Last fields, you will need to click on the heading: Current Layout (“Email”) to view the drop down list. Select: Contacts and move the name fields to the Field export order column.

 Specify Contacts

14. Click Export.
Your file will be saved in the location you specified with the information for the fields you identified.

15. When you open your saved file, remove all rows which do not have the number 1 in the Primary column. These are duplicate email addresses for people already on your list.
Your file should now be ready to send to your third party company.


As you can see, the name ‘Bert de Roo’ appears three times in the third party spreadsheet. Only the primary (1) email address should be used. The other two should be deleted along with all email addresses which do not have a 1 in the Primary column.

For older versions before FrameReady 9 please see this article http://frameready.com/know/exporting-a-customer-list-to-third-party/


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