Entering Hand Wrapped Mat on Work Order

There are two ways to enter fabric hand-wrapped matboard onto a work order but it depends on how you have priced the substrate. If you always use the same substrate, then look at option B. However, if the substrate varies with different frame jobs, then you need to price the substrate based on the the cost of the materials you are using. (Eg. 4 ply mat, 8 ply mat, foamcore, etc.)

A) Hand wrapped mat with substrate priced separately
  1. Enter the substrate (matboard number) into the Mats1 field.
  2. Enter the fabric number into the Mats2 field. (It can also be entered into the Fabric field.)
  3. In the reveal pop-up (grey box to the right), select Fabric which means that there is no reveal required – it is a fabric wrap. This step is very important, if you do not set the reveal to fabric then FrameReady will re-size the opening based on the reveal that is entered.

When you look at the printed work order, you will notice that the mat substrate and the fabric are listed on the lower left. They are both the same size and the fabric wrap has the word ‘fabric’ beside it.

NOTE: You can enter the fabric first and the mat second if you wish; the order is up to you. Just be sure to select Fabric as the reveal amount.
B) Hand wrapped mat with substrate price included in the formula

For this method, it is assumed that the pricing of the fabric, as set up in the Price Codes file, includes the price of the substrate on which the fabric will be wrapped. It may also include the adhesive price and labour.

  1. In the Work Order file, simply type in the fabric # in the Mats1 field.
    This will display the combined price of the mat and substrate.

To set up this pricing in the Price Codes file, be sure to mark the checkbox for Combine Formula and Code Pricing under the Fabric Pricing tab. See this article.

Fabric covered mat from Supplier

If you are attempting to enter a factory-produced fabric mat, only enter the item number into the Mat field; no substrate is needed.

TIP: You may want to enter the different types of adhesive (e. g. Roll on, Spray, etc) in the Mounting group of the Price Codes file. This will allow you to identify and price it when you create the order.


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