Entering a Referral – Contacts File

One of the features in FrameReady is the ability to track referrals.

When a new customer comes through your door, they often do so on the basis of a referral from a friend or family member. The Professional Picture Framers Association has documented that over 20% of new business is generated this way. Tracking those referrals in FrameReady is easy and profitable.

Each time you create a new customer record, either from the Work Order screen or in the Contacts file, click in the Recommended By field to choose the existing customer who referred the new one from the drop-down list.

Referrals Tab in Contacts file

In the Contacts file, you can also enter referrals or print a report using the Referrals tab below the customer’s information. The tab also shows which new customers this contact has brought to your shop.

CT referrals tab
Go button takes you directly to the reference’s record. Which existing customer recommended this contact to you is selected by the Recommended By field drop-down list.

Print Report allows you to print a report showing all customers who have made referrals. Execute a search to find all referrals over a date range using the Find button.
Referrals should be entered at the point-of-sale when a new customer record is created from the Work Order screen.

Go buttons take you directly to referrals records.  You cannot type into these fields. They auto-fill when you use the Recommended By field on other contacts records.

X button will empty the field.


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