Duplicate Series Side Bar Button

Duplicate SeriesThe grey Duplicate Series button in the Products file will automatically create a series of records for a particular Limited Edition (LE) print.
Enter as much information as possible about the print and the first edition number of the series (e.g. 100/5000) before using the Duplicate Series button.
The button will present a dialog box asking for the last number in the series (125/5000). The record is then duplicated with the edition number increasing by increments of one until the last number in the series is reached.

Tip! If the edition numbers of your prints are not in numeric sequence, you can still use this feature. Enter your first print (e.g. Edition# 100/5000) then calculate the number of records you need (e.g. 25). Click Duplicate Series and enter the last edition number as the edition number plus number of prints (e.g. 100 + 25 = 125/5000) Once all the records are created, you can go to each record in the list view and change the edition number (e.g. 100/5000, 104/5000, 111/5000).

This same button is also found on the Products file > Artwork tab.


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