Creating a New Glazing / Glass Record – Price Codes File

How to create a new record in the Price Codes file for glass and glazing products.

Access: Main Menu > New Price Code Item (or Price Codes file > New Price Code Item)

MM - update vendor pricing button
The following appears:

New Price Code item

All items in the Price Codes file must belong to a group. This determines how the item will be priced and under which list it will fall in the Work Order file. 

  1. Click Glass.
    PC glass
  2. Enter the name of the Item. (E.g. Museum Glass, UV Blocking Non-glare, etc).
    Items in this group appear alphabetically in the drop-down list on the Work Order screen. Take note of the items you wish to list and how you want them to appear. If ‘UV’ appears first in the Item field, then all the UV items will be grouped together. However, if ‘No-Glare’ is listed first, then it will be listed with the other items starting with the letter N.
  3. Enter the thickness of the glass.
    It is added to the calculated depth of the project and used to determine if it exceeds the Rabbet Depth of the Frame.
  4. In the Cost field, enter the wholesale cost you have paid for one lite of glass.
    This is used in your formula to determine the retail price.
  5. In the Manufacturer # field enter the manufacturers number which is used when the item is reordered. This will appear on the Purchase Order.
    Remember: It is Item # that appears in the drop-down list on the Work Order screen not the Manufacturers #.
  6. Enter the name of the Supplier or manufacturer.
    Tip: If there is no supplier or you are unsure, then select In House from the drop-down list.
  7. Click on the Glass Pricing tab.
  8. Click on Lookup My Default to see if you have a default formula which may be applied to this item.
    If you wish to price by the lite size, then you must set up a code table with the lite sizes by which you wish to price. 

See this article for more information.


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