Create Frame Order Procedure

Purchase Orders are created through Create Frame Order button located on the Main Menu.

Access: Main Menu > Work Order section > Create Frame Order

Main Menu


The Frame Order dialog box appears.

PO create frame order

  1. Leave Date fields blank to select all incomplete work orders. If you prefer, you can Enter a date or range of dates!
  2. You may choose which items to include in the order by marking the Include in Frame Order boxes on the left. E.g., Mat Design, Mounting, Hardware, Extra, Glazing, Fitting.
  3. Select either printing options:
    Print with Page Breaks allows only one vendor to appear per page.
  4. Check Create Purchase Orders if you wish to have items posted to a PO based on the vendor that was selected in the Order From field in the Price Codes file.
  5. Check Print Frame Labels if you wish to have labels for your backroom to apply to sets of chops.  (Available in FR9 and higher).
  6. Click Proceed.
    It takes a moment to compile the data, locating all work orders which have not been previously ordered to make the list. Once a work order has been added, it will be identified as having been ordered on the work order screen by the Work Order > Select/Cancel Frame Order side bar button. If “No work orders match…” appears it means that the list has already been generated and no new orders have been created since that time.
  7. When the data has been complied, the Cut List will be displayed first. It is included at this point to show any layered frames. This information may be necessary to get a correct fit when ordering chops.
  8. IMPORTANT: The Restore Last Order button is great for those ‘oops’ times, for example, when you didn’t have the printer turned on or when you didn’t really mean to click the Proceed button and want to start over. However, in order to use it, the Restore Last Order button MUST be clicked before creating any new work orders. Otherwise, the new work order is now the ‘last order’ which will be restored.
  9. Click Continue > Print.
    FrameReady shows the compiled Frame Order with materials sorted by Supplier field in the Price Codes file, sub-sorted by Group.
    Tip: You can click through the flip book on the status bar scroll to see the assembled pages and view the list of materials. This may help in deciding if a PO can be ‘omitted’ and held until there are more materials to order from the vendor.
  10. Click Continue > Print.
    The screen will then show the Product Order listing any artwork which needs to be ordered.
  11. Click Continue > Print.
    The Frame Order dialog box appears only if Create Purchase Orders box is checked.
    At this point you may click Omit for any vendors from whom you do not wish to order materials at this time (i.e. you order from vendors on different days of the week). The data for any omitted vendor will be stored in a temporary file until the next time you process the frame order.
    NOTE: If you Omit a vendor and then go back and change the work order containing the omitted vendor, the changes will not be updated in the temporary file. To have the changes appear on the next purchase order, duplicate the work order, make your change, and then delete the original work order.
  12. Click Continue.
    Your Purchase Orders appear on the screen.
  13. Click on each vendor name to see the list of items to be ordered.
    Items can also be manually entered onto the screen i.e. a Bainbridge mat. Type in B4106 then tab: the Description, Dimensions and Unit Price populate. Enter the quantity.
  14. Consolidate your order if necessary. Some items may appear more than once. These items can be totaled automatically using the Consolidate button.
    Several things need to be kept in mind when using this feature:
    • Only moulding, fillets and liners identified in the Unit field as Foot will be consolidated.
    • Items ordered by Chop or Join will not be consolidated. Dimensions are shown in Width x Height fields and Qty identifies number of frames to be ordered.
    • The Consolidate feature cannot be undone.
    • The work order numbers will also be consolidated in the WO# field. Only the first number will appear on the screen but clicking in the box will reveal all work order numbers that included the item.
  15. After clicking Consolidate order, it will change to read Order Consolidated. All length moulding and matboard will be totalled.
  16. Modify the purchase order by clicking in the Qty or Footage field to change the amount to be ordered. If you have any footage or matboard in stock, it will appear in Qty OnHand. If you do not need to order an item, click Delete to remove it from the list.
    Any notes for this order may be included in the Notes field and will display on the document.
    The PO for each vendor can be printed, or emailed as a PDF file. You can print any order at any time, as often as you like, as many copies as you like.


Helpful information regarding New Purchase Orders

The PO defaults to NotPlaced. When the order is sent to the company, mark the radio button Placed indicating that it has been dealt with. Mark Received when the order arrives.

When the order is Received, check the list against the packing slip to identify items which arrived and can be accepted into inventory using the Accept button. The button will be changed to show that inventory has been Updated. If a different amount arrived, change the number in Qty or Footage before accepting the item into inventory.

Mark the Back Order box and a back ordered item will be automatically reordered.
When it is added to the new PO, it will be removed from the current order.


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